Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Christmas Trees are Ready!

Yea! This years Christmas trees are ready! I am so excited....I just listed a few and will be listing more tomorrow! I cant believe Christmas time.....
is almost here again! It has finally turned cold here, but 2 days was 80 degrees! I am kinda thankful for the cold weather, it sure is hard
to get ready for the holidays with summer temps outside! Anyway, here are a few pics of what is up for auction this week and here is the link.....


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  1. I admire your work so much....gorgeous! I think the first tree is my favorite...hugs...

  2. They are beautiful! The last one is my fave... but not seeing this one on ebay.

    This early winter in TX is crazy!!! We had sleet last night.

  3. Such beautiful trees - truly works of art!

  4. What absolutely darling trees. Love them! Susan

  5. This is the first time I've seen your trees, they are gorgeous. Such beautiful detail and each is so unique!

  6. Just stumbles on your blog through Pinterest. Had to comment on the tree with the three carolers. If that is a plant type holder like I think it is I have the same exact one given to my Great Grandmother back in the early to mid 50,s Grandma passed away in 54 or 55 . I was still in gradeschool. It was a gift to her and came with a flower arrangement in it. I use it every year with evergreens in it .


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