Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Whats new in the PINK CHARLIE store? Rhinestone hearts and wings

What's new? OMG! Just a few rhinestones or two. If you are in need of a little "SPARKLE AND SHINE" Check out this weeks listings at THE PINK CHARLIE for more Unique and handmade items! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE STORE
Precious Pink bucket...

Rhinestone wings...

Cherub rhinestone heart sign...

White Chippy Nordic rhinestone heart...

French blue frame with Rhinestones...

One thing I added that wasn't handmade...this beautiful Holy Mother Mary vintage statue...

Just another thing...I never posted to tell you guys about the sign my daughter made me for Christmas. She is so sweet. I know she is busy...she is a mother of 2 and an RN nurse at our local hospital. So, it really meant a lot to me for her to take the time and make me this wonderful sign for a gift.

she even added a little bling! ha....she had to know I would LOVE that!

I couldn't have asked for anything better! Rain or Shine...we are ALL Blessed...Have a
good weekend, everybody!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Madonnas and Angel statues... Showing the Love!

Madonnas and angels are always my favorites! I never get tired or bored with them! So, I decided to make a few. These little beauties
are what I added to the new shop this week. I am really enjoying stepping out of "The all Christmas" mode. Working with jewels, is just another
passion on mine. If you love knitting or crafting, you know what I mean. Everything shown below is listed in the shop this week.
So, please have a look.......... FOR "THE PINK CHARLIE" CLICK HERE

Vintage Madonna Plaque

Chippy angel statue

Jeweled Sacred Heart

Rusty crowned angel

And who doesn't like a little "French"?

Pink Glass knobs

**See ya next time... You guys have a great weekend and KEEP ON CRAFTING!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New in the "PINK CHARLIE" shop this week...What?

Hey, hey...finally got a few new items added to the shop this week. YEA!
Need something...sparkly or something rusty? I have a thing or two for you! Check out the new items: CLICK HERE FOR THE PINK CHARLIE






Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ms Bingles or The Pink Charlie on Etsy ...

Well, I am at it again....Just finished listing some great new items in the new store on Etsy, it is called "The PINK CHARLIE". I just had to add a mermaid! For some reason, I had a terrible time getting a good photo of a few items this week. I have long wished I had a green thumb in Photography! But, it just doesn't seem to be my thing. I keep thinking I might take a few courses on the subject, but, you know how it goes...add that to my long list of "gonna do it someday".
Here is my latest mermaid... CLICK HERE FOR THE MERMAID

Or how about a Chippy Angel? Her Crown is to "DIE FOR"... DISTRESSED ANGEL CLICK HERE

And who can resist a little lost sheep in a bed of moss? LITTLE LOST SHEEP CLICK HERE

Mother Mary Embellished Frame....CLICK HERE for MARY AND JESUS PIC

Now on to MS BINGLES store, I have added a couple of things there too!

Here is something unusual... "TREE OF RHINESTONES". This came out just wonderful! The pictures don't do it justice. Very Glam! FOR RHINESTONE TREE CLICK HERE

Check back soon! Still Creating.....