Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vintage Halloween finds.....

Wonderful old Vintage Halloween stuff I found on Ebay! Check it out....

Play me a tune, Kitty. Vintage Cat Die Cut

Vintage lot of Spooky stuff

Let's could give "Michael Myers" a call on this old rotary phone

BOO! Vintage paper mache pumpkin

Old Style Cast Iron Halloween bank

Christmas time is coming! I am working on a few new things for this upcoming season..... I will start listing items on Ebay
around the 1st week in November....Hope to see you then! Also, I will send out a quick blog post to let you know, when everything has started.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Making a New Cabinet look Old.....

Making a "new" cabinet look old is harder than you think! After I finished the living room with a new coat of paint...I went right on to the kitchen and bathroom. It has been a while since I made any changes in the kitchen, so I decided a New "old" cabinet was what I needed. All my cabinets are white but I wanted to do something fun with this one. First, I bought a stock cabinet from Lowes:

After a good sanding....I tried a few techniques and tips that I got from reading Vintage Whites Blog and from I should be mopping the floor blog. Wow, they were so helpful! I stained the whole cabinet. Then, as they say in cooking... "I added a little of this and a little of that"! Gold paint, silver paint, some touches of iron colored paint and I knew I wanted lots of white peaking through. I even used Vaseline to a few of the edges and sanded here and there along the way.
Next...time for a little glam, I have a problem with leaving anything plain or simple, which can definitely can be a pain! So, out came the appliques...Now, just trying to decide which way the new appliques should go? I purchased these at RejuvenatedCreations on Etsy. They were ornate and CHEAP at $7.49 for 2!

Final steps: I got an old piece of wood we had in the garage and used it for a paint brush...How neat! They said it would make it look old and it darn sure did! The final color of paint I used was Annie Sloan's "Marie Antoinette" pink. Last...glued on the appliques and gave the whole thing a fresh coat of wax. I think it worked out pretty well, looks old and chippy! about just one...New pendant light? ha ha...Here we go....You know how one thing leads to another! Oh well, my husband was so kind and got it put
right up in a jiffy. I just love these style of lights and had to have one! I ordered this one from LaurieAnna's Vintage Home store.

Ok, just one more thing...I took down all the various shelves around the kitchen before painting and had said- I not going to put all this stuff back up! Shhh, how about just a few shelves? Now, Ok, about just 4 shelves? I just need to "edit" those collections...Thank goodness, we just put up a new cabinet! Gotta store all this stuff I am taking down! ha ha...I gotta show you a few of my favorite things:

I just LOVE this paint color! It is a very pale gray called "Dove's Cry". So, I decided...just one more room! On to the bathroom....more picks later.

I sure would love to paint my bedroom and one more bath, but....SSSSSSTOP!! Time to start working on Christmas trees for this season! I am pretty excited about them too! I have lots of new fun things collected. I have been neglecting my blog, but, hopefully I can get more frequent posts going through the end of the year.

Guess what "Ross" has out? SPOOKY......

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Painting the LivingRoom....

I have been at it again...after working on my granddaughters furniture, I really got into the mood to paint! It has been a few years since I have repainted any rooms in my house! I have always enjoyed painting but cant jump up and down a ladder like I used to could. A few years back, I painted so husband never knew? He might go to bed and when he awoke...the kitchen was a different color! Oh, those were the days my friends. Sorry about the messy pictures, but I just clicked a few and didn't even pickup. is what it is looking like now...

The walls are a mustard color called cork and the ceilings are a very pale green. Wow, what was I thinking....I sure regret not sticking to white on the ceilings! I think I got the great idea of painting them from the "Christopher Lowell show". Does that bring back memories for anyone?

The walls are transforming. Yea! I went with white on the ceiling and dove gray walls....I love it!

Well, almost finished. Boy, did that brighten up things! I will try to get another post out...when everything is finished.

P.S....I am collecting things for this upcoming holiday season. I cant wait! I love Christmas!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

In the Mood to Paint....

Hello Everyone...for some reason I have been in the mood to paint stuff! is what I was working on last week. I redid a Headboard and dresser for my
Granddaughter. It was a success...she loved it!


HERE IS THE AFTER. The middle Chervron pattern is wrapping paper done with mod podge!

HERE is the old black dresser BEFORE, of course I forgot to take the "before" picture.

"Pepper" is offering her assistance. she is my daughters dog. *One of my daughters is a nurse and works pretty long hours so.. I babysit Pepper about 3/4 of the time.

And, HERE IT IS AFTER. I didn't yet have on all the handles, but it came out pretty good. I added a touch of gray to these pieces for something new.

I just have to throw this in....As soccer season is coming to an end...I must tell you, I am so PROUD of all my Grandchildren. Just posting all their pictures here
together brings a tear to my eye. Heck, I think "Pa" and I could make our very own soccer team!





Sophia: (the one holding up the trophy)

It is getting so hot here, already...But, rain is in the forecast for the next week! YEA! We pray for rain! Hope you have a good Memorial day weekend!

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