Saturday, July 19, 2014

Painting the LivingRoom....

I have been at it again...after working on my granddaughters furniture, I really got into the mood to paint! It has been a few years since I have repainted any rooms in my house! I have always enjoyed painting but cant jump up and down a ladder like I used to could. A few years back, I painted so husband never knew? He might go to bed and when he awoke...the kitchen was a different color! Oh, those were the days my friends. Sorry about the messy pictures, but I just clicked a few and didn't even pickup. is what it is looking like now...

The walls are a mustard color called cork and the ceilings are a very pale green. Wow, what was I thinking....I sure regret not sticking to white on the ceilings! I think I got the great idea of painting them from the "Christopher Lowell show". Does that bring back memories for anyone?

The walls are transforming. Yea! I went with white on the ceiling and dove gray walls....I love it!

Well, almost finished. Boy, did that brighten up things! I will try to get another post out...when everything is finished.

P.S....I am collecting things for this upcoming holiday season. I cant wait! I love Christmas!