Monday, July 17, 2017

New items added to the shop...Vintage Christmas ornaments

Oh my cup runneth over with ornaments! I am selling a few of my beloved ornaments in the Etsy shop. I am just trying to
get everything organized and set up for this upcoming holiday season! So, I am cleaning out the closet. If you need a few new vintage Christmas items,
be on the look out. I will be listing some over the next few weeks..... FOR MS BINGLES ETSY SHOP CLICK HERE

and of course...we cant forget about this little guy.....

I also have a few Jeanne d' Arc Living magazines available.....

Thanks for stopping by! Have a terrific week....

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Chest of drawers, script writing redo.....

Happy Sunday everyone...I thought I would do a quick post and show you what I have been doing this past week. Of course I forgot the before pic! So, here is a small chest that had the same similar look.

And here is the redo...these pictures really are not to good either, I wound up putting the chest in my spare junk room, so I tried to crop out the distractions. First I sanded it down, (it had that 1980's slick finish look) next, spray painted 2 coats of primer, did a little more sanding and added a
chalk paint finish. I usually always use Annie sloan paint, but this time I used the color "her dainties" from Lowes. It covered real good.
I purchased the stencil from Royal Design studios. Which is actually what started all this...I just couldn't wait to use this stencil!
I think everything turned out well.

And of "Ms Bingles" mode kicked in.... This little guy got glued on the front! It had a fake keyhole, so I just added him to that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Looking at the Christmas section, Huh?

That's right ladies, Can you believe it? Hobby Lobby already has their Christmas section up and running. I took a quick picture of a tree topper that I am just going to have to purchase!  I am already seeing lots of new goodies for this upcoming season. Ha...I felt like a kid in the candy store.  Then I stopped and thought to myself.. am I crazy? Here it is mid July and 109゚ outside... and I am thinking about buying something for Christmas decorating! Oh well, it was very exciting... here is that tree topper, I am dying for...

Hey, it's horns! How different is that?