Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hungry Girl Mac & Cheese Critics Corner

Ok, so I have been cutting back on calories since mid January. It has been going pretty good, but I was craving something "Cheesy". My daughter happen to be watching Dr Oz the other day and we saw this great recipe to try: Hungry Girls Mega Mac & Cheese! Truthfully...I figured I would hate it. Well, boy was I surprised! It was delicious! Everyone loved it, including my daughters and husband. You have to give it a try. I know the cauliflower may sound bad to some, but you really can't taste it.

I am just a sucker for vintage diecuts! The images are just beautiful! I purchased the first one below, this morning. I added a few more for you to see and enjoy!

This is my sweet grandson "Gage" goofing around this weekend. I think he is getting a little ahead of himself about going swimming! I am so luckly....I get to see him almost everyday and I love him sssooo much! Right now, he is in movie addict mode. Have you guys seen the show "Tangled"? If not... come on over, Grandma has seen it at least 14 times!

Gage and my Granddaughter "Sophie", another one that Grandma Loves SSOOOO much!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fabulous "Jewelry Tree" Picture...

Oh la la, I came across this jeweled Christmas Tree picture at a local antique shop a few weeks ago. The price was pretty high, so I decided to think about it. Well, one week later and here it is on my wall! Go figure~
I really had trouble "capturing" it on the camera. It is soooo beautiful! It is around 2' tall and there are holes drilled in the back for Christmas lights! I had to take them out for it to hang right, but I will try to add them back next holiday season.

Here it is hanging in the shop....just waiting for me to come back~

Oh, I love these antique ornaments! Sometimes I think...I am Christmas Crazy!

Antique Christmas Ornament sold on Ebay for $71

My Grandson and Henry in the storage room...

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Craft Projects....

I found a few terrific ideas on Pinterest! You just gotta check them out... Happy Thursday Everyone!

Making a Lace Candle Jar...

Rosette Balls...

Make a Headboard...

Paper Flower Tutorial...

Source: via Leticia on Pinterest

Candy for the Eye...