Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rhinestone Star and Finding a New Wreath.....

Hey guys, Happy Superbowl Sunday! Would you believe my creative juices have already started flowing for this upcoming Holiday season? Crazy right?  Ha, is it ever to soon to think about Christmas?
I wanted to show you a little star ornament I was just working on.

Before, just plain yellow wood:

After, with it's new dew:

I am already dreaming of something wonderful to do with it...stay tuned.

With spring slowly getting here, I am on the hunt for a new wreath. There are so many wonderful options! Here are a few I have found...

Vine and Capiz Egg Wreath from Pier 1 Imports

Boy, is this one creative or what? (From Pier 1 Imports)

Awe, I love this one...It is called "Roses and Lilies" also from Pier 1.

And...My favorite one of all, this beautiful Tulip Wreath from Grandin Road

I think I am leaning towards the "tulip" one...I cant resist! If anyone has any good ideas, or a wonderful "wreath" outlet...Let me know!