Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Five Fingers" Shoes

Ok, this is just Funny!

The Article says: Have you seen the alien shoes spotted on celebrities recently? Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camila Alves wear them to work out, actor Channing Tatum runs in them, and Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George sports them for beach football.
Just what are these funky, rubber glove toe socks? They’re Vibram FiveFingers—shoes that are meant to mimic the experience of running without shoes, yet protect your feet from dirt and debris. Why would people want to run without their cushy trainers? Running without shoes can strengthen your feet, ankles, and lower legs and improve balance. Some say modern running shoes are to blame for injuries. And one man wrote an immensely popular book that concluded as much.


Karen said...

These are a hoot!! They might be comfy around the house though.
Ladybug Creek

Lisa Madden Bass said...

Wow, what will they come up with next? I like the idea though of working out with out shoes, sometimes they can get too cumbersome! I bet these are price...I'll look into them, thank you for sharing.


The Autocrat: Haley said...

My boss, who is also a youth pastor, and his worship leader, both bought a pair of these to wear to camp this year! I told them that they were crazy! Apparently they are really comfortable and it doesn't even feel like you are wearing shoes. I think they are pretty silly looking. Not sure if I would wear em in public.

Screaming Meme said...

hahahaha...They are funny looking but I do agree they are probably very comfortable...:) Meme