Monday, August 15, 2011

Christmas Ornaments in August!~

Just a note to let everyone know "WE ARE BACK!"

Well, it is getting to be that time of year.... So, it is back to collecting Christmas items~ Some old* Some new* Any ole thing will do!~
It is great to be back with you! I hope everyone has had a fun summer! I can't wait for cooler weather. We have hit a record here, for number of days it has been over 100 degrees! I am praying for rain! In the mean time....I am starting to think about Christmas! Here are some beautiful vintage ornaments! How could you not have a soft spot for these?

Feather Tree Ornaments!~

*Christmas Angels saying....How do you do?*

and... "One Pink Shoe"


Vicki said...

Love the vintage ornaments!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Oh, what a wonderful blog you've got here! It makes me wish Christmas would hurry up and come. Terrific vintage ornaments in this post.
Thank you so much for your recent visit,