Friday, June 28, 2013

Taking a Drive thru the Country.....

This week it was time to take my usual drive to Jacksboro Tx. I go once a month to a little town that is about 60 miles from here. Without fail...I deliver a case of cokes, cookies, chips and all kinds of goodie snacks! My mother is in a nursing home there. Of course, sometimes I go more often. She is really not that old for being in a nursing home, but she has had major health problems for years. A lot of my family was from this area and she seems to do better there. People are in and out, that she has known for years. The whole staff there is just a blessing for her and my family! (we tried it somewhere else and it was a nightmare for her) Anyway, I ALWAYS forget to take my camera. I see the neatest things! This week...I finally remembered the camera! Here is some shots of a few things I came across....

Hows the weather where you are? It is Hot and Dry here!

This shop is all about "ELVIS"! If you are a Elvis fan, this is for you!

There is this one house, I always drive by...they have more tractors than you could ever count! I only got this one shot...forgot to put the memory card
in the camera! duh, maybe I will get more next time.

These cows are just beautiful! Here I am driving through another small town, Windthorst Tx ! It is all dairy! You will know you are almost there, by the SMELL!

Awe, they were so cute. I got out to take the picture and as I was looking in the camera, they were ALL moving more and more towards me! It was kinda of an
eerie feeling. But, I am never going to do that again, unless I have snacks with me! I felt so bad...the little guys thought I was bringing food!

The last tiny town I went through, was Scotland Tx. Don't will miss it. There is a wonderful old church sitting in the middle of town. I must have
driven past that church hundred's of times. Here is the sign telling you what time service is.

Right behind the church is an old cemetery. It is very nicely kept. The first thing you see is a large memorial to the local servicemen.

Our lord and Savior overlooks the graves. He is front and center and he is at least 9 feet tall!

I think there is a somber beauty in older gravestones. They seem to demand respect.

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Karen said...

There are lots of great sights on your drive. Love those cows, they're so cute. The temp. is brutal, hoping you cool off a litte