Thursday, September 19, 2013

Christmas Collectibles ....

Here are a few Christmas collectibles I have been watching on Ebay. I am always looking for new ideas and great bargains! I thought I would share some findings with you.....

Antique Pink Poland Christmas ornaments, sold for $124.99 OUCH!

Vintage "Noma" Bubble lites sold for $40.99

These little guys are cuties! All 7 sold for $26, which I thought was a pretty fair price.

Vintage Rushton Pink Santa sold for $71

I love these! Wish I had one...vintage Santa and reindeer blowmold sold for $500

Well, it is almost that time of year....getting ready for Halloween. My granddaughters were having a great time trying on a few things. I see my little grandson decided to join in on the fun! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! those pink shiny brites caught my eye on side bar somewhere!

I remember the pink ones from my childhood. My dream is to go to a yard sale some day and some one will be getting rid of all their grandma's "junk" and I'll have my day! :)