Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring is Here and a Few of my Favorite Things....

I was recently going through some of my old photos and thought I would share with you a few of my Favorite Things!

My chippy angel bust... she is not old, I purchased it at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, but I just love her!

A vintage "Toilette" water perfume bottle is for sure a keeper.

Vintage jewelry looks so sparkly...I am saving these beauties for one of my Christmas trees.

I just "Love" old ornaments...I bet you know where this will be going!

This little tin is so precious. It is kinda hard to find them in pink.

While visiting a local "Junkin" store Alley Cat Mercantile I found these old pictures someone had made. Very interesting....I bought the one with the mirror!
I should have taken a better picture so you could have seen all of them.

*The Roses are in Bloom*

Oh my gosh, my roses have gone CRAZY! They are getting so tall and are blooming everywhere. Their pink blush color is just beautiful! We have them planted on each
side of our front porch. I am so glad they add color to the place...which is a good thing. It is kinda drab out here, you see a lot of mesquite trees.
I remember my grandmother having a lot of rose bushes, when I was little girl. It gets pretty hot around here in the summer and those darn things will live through anything!

And yep, I am at it again! Never to late to start collecting trinkets for this upcoming Holiday season. I am already thinking.....Bottle brush trees?

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Alessandra said...

Your vintage collection is fabulous. The roses are stunning.

Home Romance said...

Hi Leticia!

I loved your blog. Everything is so vintage, romantic and delicate.

Hugs from Brazil


Mrs.T said...

I have one of those swirly pink ornaments! Pretty!