Saturday, September 10, 2016

I am still here.....

Hello Blog world....
It has been a while. I just wanted to let you know, that I am still here! This year is going by so fast. I haven't done any blogging in awhile. I lost my Mother at the end of January. I have just been staying at home, taking time to reflect and wrapping myself in my own little world. I know the Lord is by my side, I pray to him all the time.
I think through our many trials, at times...good can come. I have decided to take time for myself and change some of the things that I can.
I have started a new. A new "way of eating", added a few vitamins, along with some light exercise (And when I say light, I do mean LIGHT). So far, so good! I have dropped some weight and a few medications! Yea! Let me tell you, I feel a lot better. I am on a "Ketogenic" diet. Which is basically where you drop the sugar, eat low carb and up the fat. Upping the "Fat" saves me! Thank the good Lord for Coconut Oil! I have been doing it since the last of Dec. 2015. So, hey...this just might work out! I am STOKED! I have done plenty of different diets over the years and nothing sticks! If you are in for a lifestyle change and want to get healthy, Look it up and try it! What do you have to lose? I will share with latest LOVE! I drink this every day when I get up...

If you are interested in the Recipe...CLICK HERE!
(I am no way affiliated...just love her coffee! P.S. she has some great tips AND her YouTube videos are chocked full of health advice)

Moving right along....I have been checking out a lot of blogs! This is my new Fav! ~HAGBACKEN.BLOGSPOT.COM.SE~
Linda is my kinda Gal, I was just in "Heaven" combing through all her posts! She loves vintage Madonna (Mary) statues and so do it! Here is the picture
that really set my heart of fire:
Is that just beautiful or what? Okay, got me so inspired....I am working on a few myself!

Can you believe it? I actually remembered to take a picture before all of the statues went white. Oh yes, and last but not least....CHRISTMAS!

Yea! Yes, I am working on bottle brush trees and vintage jewels! I am moving a little slower this year, but not to worry. I will have some FAB things to ponder on. If all goes well, I will be listing some items on Ebay about a week into November. So, please check back soon.

I just want you to know...To each and everyone of you...I appreciate you and I know that you and I are so "LOVED"! We are cherished each and every day in the eyes of our Lord! Peace and good health be upon you and your
family! Leticia


The Bear's Blog said...

You have been missed, but I know that the healing process has no time limits. But, I am thankful that you know God is walking with you.

Love & Hugs

Prudence says "love you bunches Ms. Bingles".

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about you losing your mum.
I enjoy all your posts and
consider it inspiration as I like to make vintage style holiday
wreaths and "stuff," too. Take your time and
take care of you. Your ketogenic diet plan
makes so much sense. It is recommended by
a lot of oncology physicians (especially
for tumors) as cancer "feeds" on carbs/sugar
and the low carb plans keep the cancer at

Alessandra said...

I' m so sorry for the lost of your mum. Your posts are always very inspiring
HUgs Alessandra

Marfi-topia said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
it's nice to see you post again though.
blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you lost your mom. I lost my mom May 2015. It's been hard without her - she was my crafting partner and I'm having a hard time still getting back into the swing of things. Blessings to you.