Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Catching up with social media...

Ok, what can I say? Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas is stepping into the 21st century. I am FINALLY on Facebook! The only question that remains...what took me so long? I have decided to do a lot of my posting, talking and sharing on there. Everyone is so busy these days, It is hard to read and keep up with blogger friends. I am on Facebook everyday, so what the heck? This should be an easy transition! I will be blogging some too. Please come and join me and "Like" my new FACEBOOK page. I added the link to the right column. It is already getting to be that "time of year". I am making my Holiday list, taking notes and collecting goodies for this
upcoming season! In the mean time...Please enjoy: These Blasts from the Past pictures!


Alessandra said...

Precious, glamour and elagant items
Hugs Alessandra

Gillian said...

Cute decorations