Monday, January 22, 2018

MIRROR tile a Piece of furniture TUTORIAL repost...

My husband told me I was crazy! haha He said the mirror pieces would never stay stuck! Well, they did and I love it. The pictures are not too great. Everything was so shiny and reflective. I have had this dresser since my oldest son was a year old, he is now 34! Needless to say, it had seen its day and I was about to ditch it. It was just an old, dark brown wooden dresser, but then I had an idea....
First I sanded the heck out of it. (forgot the "before" pic. Next we added trim around each drawer. Did I say we? Oh, I meant my husband added the trim, ha. The mirrors were too rough around the edges and I needed something to hold the grout in, so this served as a barrier.

Then, I painted it white and distressed it.

Next, I purchased one of those full length wall mirrors. I actually bought the one I broke from Lowes for about $10- it was just a cheap plastic one. I wrapped that in an old blanket and hammered away!

Next, glue on each piece with "mastic" glue. It comes in a tube that looks like caulk. After it dries overnight, mix grout and apply.

Next, I took old earrings and snipped off the backs. I purchased new knobs at Lowes for 97 cents each! The gold one is not one of the actual knobs, it is just for show. I pulled out the handy dandy E6000 and glued them on!

And this is how it turned out.....

I think I need a new mirror to go over the top of it... I am just not sure what kind! Any ideas?

Handmade "Bling" hardware....

This post is from a few years back... I have Loved the dresser and am still using the Darn thing today!
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Alessandra said...

Great job! This is a work of art