Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fall, is is coming! Yea!

Fall, please please come! With the temperature being in the 100's, It can't come fast enough. I have been seeing loads for good stuff being put out in the stores! Lots of neat Halloween décor and even Christmas! I know what you are thinking... Christmas? What the heck? But to all those Christmas lovers out there, cheers to you! I am in full on "Christmas crafting" mode! Yes, I am working on my holiday collection everyday... Ha, You wouldn't believe it, but I am afraid of running out of time. Just to many ideas for "new" stuff! Here are a few Halloween pics that I found.. if you are not ready, maybe they will get you into the mood! By the way, I would like to invite you to "follow" me on facebook page, this is where I will do ALL my updating on Rhinestone and holiday trees! FOR MY FACEBOOK PAGE CLICK HERE Sorry I haven't been blogging to much.. I do so many facebook and Instagram posts.. that I seem to forget about blogger!

This is such a cute idea!

You know.. I am always thinking about mermaids!

This vintage "Frankenstein" statue is available on Ebay now...

photos from pinterest

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