Sunday, October 27, 2019

Ms Bingles Etsy store update ...

Hello everybody,
I wanted to send out a quick message... I have been working on this years "Christmas Collection." I will start listing items on Etsy and Ebay, right after November 7th!
I am going to be downsizing my personal Christmas collection too! So, I will be adding lots of vintage planters, ornaments and such...
Here is a quick picture, just to show you some of the items!
Sorry, I have been so busy lately, getting everything ready, I have not been adding much to my Etsy shop.
 Hope everyone is getting excited for Halloween!
The holidays are just around the corner... Can you believe it? If you have time, please follow me on FACEBOOK. I post all updates, quickly on there! Hope everyone has a Blessed and Lovely week!

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