Friday, September 3, 2010

*Happy Valentines Day**

Here are a couple of wonderful ideas that I have always wanted to try!
Both were published in Country Living magazine. I know these were made for Valentines Day, But you could decorate them in any Holiday style!
To Make the Rosette Topper....

1. Cut a piece of paper 2" wide by 5" long.
2. Fan-fold across the narrow width of the strip.
3. Staple center.
4. Open out on either side of the center fold to create a circle. Glue sides together.
5. Cut a silver glitter pipe cleaner in half.
6. Hot-glue a glass bead to top of pipe cleaner.
7. Using Gold Crinkle wire, tie a triple bow and hot-glue to back of rosette.
8. Attach a Valentine cutout to front of rosette.
9. Glue rosette to pipe cleaner using a hot-glue gun.

To Make the Cupcakes.....

1. Bake: Make cupcakes using your favorite boxed chocolate cake mix.
2. Frost: To give the buttercream frosting a satiny pink hue, use Ateco's Spectrum gel food colors. Blend 3 drops of Deep Pink with 4 drops of Chocolate Brown, then mix into the frosting 1 drop at a time until the desired color is achieved. For picture-perfect peaks, spoon a dollop of buttercream on each cupcake, then smooth it out to the edge. Add a dollop more, then with a demitasse spoon or a small offset spatula swirl the frosting to create a fluff peak on top of the cupcake.
3. Decorate: Accent each cupcake with a vintage-inspired paper-and-wire topper, like the one seen here, designed by craft artist Melissa Neufeld.

To Make the Handle for Cupcakes.....

1. Cut a length of silver glitter pipe cleaner that is long enough to tuck in each side of the cupcake to create a handle.
2. Thread 3 glass beads—you can choose any bead you like or use vintage mercury glass beads, such as the ones we featured—to center of pipe cleaner.
3. Print “Valentine” onto paper, cut out, and attach to side of pipe cleaner.
4. Attach handle to cupcake by tucking both ends into cupcake.

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Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"Oh How I Want a Cupcake NOW"!!! This is fantastic and can be adapted to a Great Pumpkin Look for the coming season!!! LOVE IT!!!
Thank you for sharing,
Hugs, Donna

Leslie said...

wow, they are adorable. Thanks for the ideas, I can think of a few ways to incorporate halloween into those cupcakes.

Hearts Turned said...

Such beautifully vintage cupcake toppers! How wonderful that they were published--good job!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Girl... you sure have the touch.

Olivia said...

Oh my sweets! I just love these little darling creations...I have been in the full blown craft mode lately! I can't wait for Christmas!! We have a year round Christmas store here that is a specialty store. I took the kids today, it is called Kris Kringle~ You would love it! Anyhoo, I can't believe you grabbed my button, I ran straight over to see if it was true and there I was! Thank you! It made my night. I am not even sure if i did it right. I will grab your button too!

heather said...

Oh! These are so pretty. They're like little cupcake purses. So sweet!

Alicia said...

Wow! They are great! Thank you very much for the tutorial!

Natasha in Oz said...

Such prettiness! You are so creative Ms Bingle.

Have a beautiful week.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

You come up with the greatest ideas and it looks stunning. Just love it!

Debbie~ said...

Yummmmy! They look sooo good and what an adorable topper, thanks for all the info for your sweet cupcakes! I will try the handles soon!Your blog is beautifully glitzy!!! Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Annesphamily said...

Hi! Will these lovely cupcakes be part of your swap over at Parsley's? HeeHee! Just teasing. They are so pretty I surely would eat them all!
This swap will be fun. I was scared the first time I did one. After that experience I can do anything! I hope you come visit me again soon. Enjoyed meeting you. Have a great week! Anne

Tammy @ said...

I LOVE these! I have been wanting to make the cupcake baskets ever since I first saw them. Thanks for inspiring me again! I think I will be making the rosette topper into ornaments. Thanks for joing DECK THE HALLS FRIDAY last week! I LOVE your blog and added you to my blog list.

Best wishes,